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BoE Scenario Editor PWF (Win32)
The same as the previous revision (r162), but it writes a password of "0" when saving scenario files instead of leaving the data uninitialized. This lets older scenario editors work with a CBoE-modified scenario too, for now. (Until the file format changes enough to break all compatibility.)
Download - 2.57 MiB
SHA1: 434b90b85856f5b265c937c97babb32df6eb6755
sylae sylae
Tue Jul 2 20:35:07 2013
BoE Installer 1.2.0a
Automated installer for CBoE based on r166 sources. Built for Win32 using the MinGW cross-compiler (running on Debian). Files then packaged using NSIS. ~10 MiB after install.
Download - 2.71 MiB
SHA1: 51ed4f1591996df77738e9870db536576072aea2
sylae sylae
Tue Jul 2 21:14:21 2013
Carbonized BoE (OS X)
Download - 5.10 MiB
SHA1: 135ef2054a36524ddd43fa78ca172caa37de5ece
sylae sylae
Tue Jul 2 21:16:01 2013
CBoE x64 Binaries (Game)
EXPERIMENTAL x64 build of the game with 64-bit boesounds dll
Download - 1.04 MiB
SHA1: 32ab48102f763aeeafb4e80226febef919b1b265
sylae sylae
Wed Jun 18 21:17:02 2014
Alint 5ecffa0 test build
Test build of Alint for Windows to verify that wildcard expansion is working properly.
Download - 85.92 KiB
SHA1: 449fa2c1a1462b6c48bf42f2871f9f00eb0074ba
sylae sylae
Thu Jul 31 13:32:13 2014